Quantum universe master program

I am the coordinator of the Quantum Universe master program, one of the main specialisation at the interface of physics, astronomy, mathematics and cosmology at the University of Groningen.

Dutch Physics Olympiad

I am chair of the Dutch Physics Olympiad, a physics competition for high school students. Each year about 2000 students take part in round 1. The final top 5 in round 3 participates in the international physics olympiad.


Electricity and Magnetism

1st year physics, applied physics and astronomy

I have taught this course from 2017-2023. The number of students has grown gradually, to about 340 students in 2022-2023.

Waves and Optics

2nd year physics, applied physics and astronomy

I have started teaching this course in 2019, and I have transformed it from traditional teaching to problem-based learning. Typically about 190 students take this course.

From small to large to life

For honours college students of FSE.

I have given this course in 2019-2021. for about 25 students, twice a year.

The Quantum World

3rd year broadening minor - university wide.

This is a course on quantum physics for non-physics students, part of the broadening minor 'Einstein's Physics: Space-time and Parallel Worlds'. About ~ 150 students take this course.


Educational philosphy statement

For the Senior teaching qualification program in which I was enrolled in 2022-2023, I have developed an educational philosophy statement, which you can find through the link below.


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