Steven Hoekstra

Van Swinderen Institute

University of Groningen

Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA, Groningen

Research group


PhD student

Production, deceleration and trapping of SrF molecules

Master student

Optical detection and cooling of Stark-decelerated SrF and BaF

PhD student

Optically trapped nanospheres as sensitive detectors

PhD student

Molecular spectroscopy and laser cooling (with Lorenz Willmann)

PhD student

Production, deceleration and cooling of SrF and BaF (with Rick Bethlem)

Master student

Exploring short time-scales of a levitated nanosphere




Atomic and molecular physics, methods in theoretical chemistry/physics, relativistic calculations, physics beyond the Standard Model, properties of heavy and superheavy elements. @VSI Groningen

Cooling and manipulating molecules, precision tests of fundamental physics theories using molecules. @VSI and @VU Amsterdam.

Precision measurements of atoms, ions, molecules for fundamental physics. @VSI Groningen.


PhD student

Intense slow beams of heavy molecules to test fundamental symmetries

PhD student

Dynamics of molecular beams in a traveling-wave Stark decelerator

PhD Student

Traveling-wave Stark deceleration of SrF molecules

PhD student

Obtaining ultracold molecules through Stark deceleration and laser cooling

PhD student

Production and deceleration of SrF molecules