Steven Hoekstra

Van Swinderen Institute

University of Groningen

Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA, Groningen

Steven Hoekstra


Steven Hoekstra

Van Swinderen Institute

University of Groningen

Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA, Groningen

I am an experimental physicist specialised in the development and application of precision measurement techniques to explore the limits of particle physics. In my group we perform experiments with small quantum systems (atoms, ions, molecules) and nanoparticles. The main tools we use to study these particles are lasers, and external electric and magnetic fields. The experiments we do are typically in a very well controlled environment, shielded from all unwanted background. By doing this, the subtle effects of quantum physics become visible, and we can use these atoms, ions, molecules and nanoparticles for a range of exciting experiments. 



Our research program to measure the electron's electric dipole moment using a cold, slow and intense beam of BaF molecules

Levitated nanospheres

We optically levitate and cool nanospheres, to explore their use as sensitive sensors.


A supersonic laser ablation beam source with narrow velocity spreads

P. Aggarwal, H. L. Bethlem, A. Boeschoten, A. Borschevsky, K. Esajas, Y. Hao, S. Hoekstra, K. Jungmann, V. R. Marshall, T. B. Meijknecht, M. C. Mooij, R. G. E. Timmermans, A. Touwen, W. Ubachs, L. Willmann, Y. Yin, A. Zapara

Review of Scientific Instruments, 2021, p. 033202

Deceleration and trapping of SrF molecules

NL-eEDM collaboration, :, P Aggarwal, Y Yin, K Esajas, H L Bethlem, A Boeschoten, A Borschevsky, S Hoekstra, K Jungmann, V R Marshall, T B Meijknecht, M C Mooij, R G E Timmermans, A Touwen, W Ubachs, L Willmann

arXiv:2103.07968, 2021

Systematic study and uncertainty evaluation of P, T-odd molecular enhancement factors in BaF

Pi A B Haase, Diewertje J Doeglas, Alexander Boeschoten, Ephraim Eliav, Miroslav Iliaš, Parul Aggarwal, H L Bethlem, Anastasia Borschevsky, Kevin Esajas, Yongliang Hao, Steven Hoekstra, Virginia R Marshall, Thomas B Meijknecht, Maarten C Mooij, Kees Steinebach, Rob G E Timmermans, Anno P Touwen, Wim Ubachs, Lorenz Willmann, Yanning Yin, (NL-eEDM Collaboration)

The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2021, p. 034309

Mesoscopic interference for metric and curvature & gravitational wave detection

Ryan James Marshman, Anupam Mazumdar, Gavin Morley, Peter F Barker, Steven Hoekstra, Sougato Bose

New Journal of Physics, vol. 22(8), 2020 May 23

High accuracy theoretical investigations of CaF, SrF, and BaF and implications for laser-cooling.

Yongliang Hao, Lukáš F. Pašteka, Lucas Visscher, Parul Aggarwal, Hendrick L. Bethlem, Alexander Boeschoten, Anastasia Borschevsky, Malika Denis, Kevin Esajas, Steven Hoekstra, Klaus Jungmann, Virginia R. Marshall, Thomas B. Meijknecht, Maarten C. Mooij, Rob G. E. Timmermans, Anno Touwen, Wim Ubachs, Lorenz Willmann, Yanning Yin, Artem Zapara

Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 151(3), 2019 Jun 15

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