Our work in the media

De Ingenieur "Deeltjes vertragen levert nieuwe natuurkunde" (march 2022)

Physics World: "Laser-free trapping of heavy molecules opens an alternative route to new physics" (nov 2021) Synopsis: "A laser-free method for cooling heavy molecules" (nov 2021) "Moleculen stilzetten om nieuwe fysica te ontdekken" (nov 2021)

Dutch newspaper NRC: "Zware moleculen stilgezet voor precisiemeting" (nov 2021)

UKrant: "Opposites solve the mystery of matter", (nov 2020)

Scientific American: "Tiny gravitational wave detector could search anywhere in the sky" (june 2020)

Dutch newspaper NRC: "Zwaartekrachtsgolfdetector kan 4000 keer kleiner" (june 2020)

The university newspaper UKrant wrote about our work: 'Standing still is progress' (2017)

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